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The WHITESHARK Group began its collaboration with BRUJAS 1908 of Terrassa Spain at the end of 1990, after which it was decided to move production to Mainland China in the mid-1990´s. In 2000, it acquired the entire Brujas 1908 company and developed new systems of production that allows it to cover all sectors of textile process for any type of fiber, with more than 600 different references has the possibilty to supply any type of required pattern, as well as can design customized wires for the customer. Recently incorporates revolutionary alloys of the nano-alloy type that allow to protect the fibers during the work process avoiding damages and breakages that occur with traditional steel-alloys. Being the largest carding  wires supplier in the Chinese domestic market, it currently exports its products to more than 40 countries ar ound the world.


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Flexible and metallic wires to process cotton, wool, cashmere, alpaca, camel hair, silk, linen, artificial fibers, etc.

Metallic wires, raising fillets