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Tue-Hitech was founded by Mr Rik Won in 2015 to provide machinery and services to local nonwovens producers in Jiangshu Province north of Shanghai. After four years, the company grew to have today 100 workers due to the demand for their products and services achieved by excellent quality service and confidence from their customers. One of the pillars of the company is the R + D (Research and Development) department, which employs 18 engineers who day by day study new possibilities and applications for the nonwovens industry.


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Machinery for the production of Nonwovens, from the Fiber opening & Blending, as well as producing the fiber in line or separated till  the finished product ready to serve

Fibre Opening and Blending, Carding, Crosslapping, Drafters, Pre-needlelooms, Needlelooms, Special needlelooms, Thermo bonding systems, Chemical bonding systems, Airlaid carding machines (Airlay), Spunbond systems, Spunlace systems, etc.

Felting Needles for conventional preneedle and needlelooms, and special needlelooms  (velour, etc …)

PES & PPS fibres for the manufacture of technical non-woven fabrics,  automotive, etc.